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  1. Very nice post. yes Great looking boys in their speedos, what it is all about. good The last frame will draw some criticism because it is obviously inappropriate for the bog and will have the thought police down on us all, the boy is nude and they are engaged in sex, they are kissing, how horrible, the boy will be corrupted for life, scarred beyond repair by the horrible pedophile, because no one but a pedophile would be in a bath with a boy naked! laugh [that was sarcasm for those who missed it] Very nice post Mark. good drinks hug

    • My God, Beast, you really do have some deep issues going on in your little brain! Let’s get a couple of things cleared up now, shall we. . .

      1. I NEVER criticised the pictures posted by Jason yesterday – only his stupid references to “tickling the child’s balls”. The pictures themselves are great.

      2. There is nothing at all wrong with the above pic of the father and son bathing together or kissing – that’s a very normal and healthy thing and as far as I know society has no problem with that. There is no evidence in the photo of any sexual activity.

      3. I NEVER intended to start a discussion on morality or Judeo-Christian ethics or Child / Adult sex or anything like that. My only intention was to protect this excellent blog by bringing attention to the fact that blogs like this are monitored by Child Exploitation organisations who have been known to take the blogs down if they promote anything that looks like Adult / child sex.

      4. NOT just the USA, but almost ALL societies in the civilised world (including yours) have decided that and adult performing sex acts on children is unacceptable. Now you might disagree with society’s view – that’s your right. But if you want blogs like this one to survive you need to be aware of these things or you lose out. Don’t blame me – I don’t set the rules! Welcome to the REAL WORLD!

      • It would be nice if you could postpone your snide little digs, I have no problem with a discussion, the ‘your little brain’ crack is unnecessary and something you would never do to my face, not twice.
        I do not argue with the points you are making here, I concur, what I did object to was the fact that the comment I reacted to came from a place of fear and paranoia. Sasha monitors the posts so if a person making a post is making comments which are dangerous to the blog I am sure he will let the person know.
        I’ve paid a heavy price for a sexuality I did not ask for nor seek. I come to this blog to feel safe and accepted.
        There are so many facets involved in the child/adult sexual interaction issue which I would love to discuss with you in the forum. You have a nice day, take care and stay well. good

        • I apologise for my “snide little digs” – it came as a reaction to your opening line “Get the fuck over yourself, Rokker!” that you said to me in Jason’s post.

          I am neither fearful, nor paranoid. My post merely came out of a concern for the safety of this blog which Sascha puts so much time into. If it ever disappeared for some reason it would be disappointing, sure, but it wouldn’t upset my life one bit.

          It’s true that Sascha monitors the site and moderates the posts, but he is just one person and cannot be expected to scrutinise every post. With Jason’s post he saw the pics but missed the comments and was appreciative of me bringing them to his attention. That post has now gone.

          If you’re for real about coming here to feel safe and accepted, then surely you’ll do everything needed to help keep the blog safe. It’s not a matter of fear or paranoia – just common sense in a world that doesn’t understand.

          Have a happy day!

          • I must apologize for my first choice of words, the get the fuck, was not my finest moment, I was coming from a place of fear because the reality is I’m caught between enjoying the model posts and fearing they will bring down the blog because of their sexy content.
            I hate to admit I enjoyed our discussion, I like to exercise my little brain now and then. laugh
            Thank you for the stimulation.
            Stay well, be happy. good hug

        • Dear Rokker, I could not find a way to communicate privately with you so I guess I shall do it here, sorry guys.
          You wanted to clear up four points, so let’s see if we can come to some understanding. First we need some agreed upon definitions.
          1) Real World– I see two, the scientific and the legal.
          2) Adult and child
          3) Child pornography
          4) Promoting adult/child sexual interactions.
          The first two kind of go together. An adult is defined in the scientific real world as a human being who is sexualy mature and able to procreate.
          An Adult in the legal world is an arbitrary definition based on prejudice and political considerations—an example is the range of legally established ages of consent. These legal definitions have no basis in fact, but reflect social bias.
          Child Pornography —in the main means children depicted engaging in explicit sex acts , but again there is the legal real world where a pose like Sonny’s can be interpreted as being ‘a graphic or simulated lascivious exhibition of the pubic area’ and therefor child pornography. In the real world I lived in; a district attorney took pictures very much like Sonny’s pose and charged me with possession of child porn because he contended the minor was posing for the purpose of eliciting a sexual response in me, the viewer. Being on parole at the time I was forced to plead guilty, how is that for a welcome to the real world?
          4) In the legal system real world the legal system can project that these poses promote sexual arousal in some people and therefore promote adult/child sexual interactions.
          Now on to try and clear up your four points:
          1) Your fear for the site is misplaced because the blog administrators monitor the posts. If something were out of line and posed a danger to the site they would let the person posting know to change the offensive language or picture. Having had REAL WORLD experience with child pornography laws I know the pictures themselves could have posed more problems than the touching the balls comment.
          2) If you were to go to the forum you would see that the administrators were asked if pictures with nude boys holding something in front of the genitals so they were not visible would be acceptable and they were told they would not be because the minor was still naked.
          The boy in tub with the man (we can only assume it was his father) only had a bathtub in front of his genitals, so one could say it was the same thing as a basketball, hands, etc. That is if one were to get all uptight about it, I guess you missed my acknowledgment I was being sarcastic in my comment.
          3) Once again legal real world understanding could lead one to see any publication, blog, or communication which shows minors in anyway which could be construed as sexually provocative as promoting adult/child sexual interaction. Why, because all sexual laws are founded upon the sexual prejudices and ignorances fostered by and originating from the judeo/christian foundations of most European and American societies. If we are going to discuss reasons for this blog being shut down those reason come from that religion based bais. Which is why I brought it up in response to your pointing out the agents who are monitoring the world to protect children from sex.
          4) Your last point deals with the dichotomy between the two real worlds which any poor schmuck who was unlucky enough to be born with an acceptable sexual orientation has to deal with–in the Real World.
          Terms like adult and child mean different things in scientific terms and in legal terms. Adult and child mean different things in different states of the United States and mean different things in different countries. So even having awareness is no protection because the legal real world can change at anytime the powers that be decide to change definitions and laws.
          Thank you for your patience, but I had to get this off my chest.

          • You raise some interesting points that I’d love to chat with you about, but yes, probably not here. If you pm Sascha I’ll give him the ok to pass my email address on to you

            Meantime, I think you may have missed my response above (timed at 5.23 am) , especially the 3rd paragraph about moderators monitoring the site. I don’t believe my concern for the site is misplaced because Sascha agreed with me that Jason’s captions were unacceptable but that he’d missed seeing them until I pointed them out.

            Anyway – let’s continue this by email if you wish.

            Take care my friend.

  2. Well…… I DO HAVE A PROBLEM! wacko I had an aunt just like pic #4 dash and no one’s gettin’ all “pedo” ’bout that laugh Just think on it smile cool Anywho the woman was a horror! shock Good intentions aside. laugh Good post though laugh I slay me blush

  3. — The last picture is so cute I cried. I never had anyone to kiss as a child except occasionally my mom and occasionally a few others and only occasionally. WOW! What a nice picture of a child’s automatic affection.
    — Federal prosecutors did indeed put people in jail for saying that even public advertisements were sexy. The sexual imagination of the lawyers & officers of the law is far worse & more amazing & weird & evil than the worst sex murdering criminal. [ Note the witch trials in Europe and in USA, plus the California child abuse trials of the 1970’s & 80’s. ] The LGBT people say nothing. I hate the LGBT people and ditto.
    — Thanks for the discussion above. Did you not both lose the issue ? Or, did I lose it ? Good for you to argue and quarrel. Spats are the way to an end or a beginning. I remember Abraham Lincoln’s details of a divorce and a gold coin he never got.
    — A sexy feeling about a new HUMVEE is as legal as a sexual feeling about a bent water hydrant. A sexy feeling about Aaron Carter winking in his video after a woman kisses him as a kid is illegal.
    — Go figure. LGBT people say nothing.
    drinks drinks drinks drinks shock

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