12 thoughts on “White Singlets, Red Hot (01)

  1. When I dream,it’s a dream of beatiful young boys ruling a new world of no hate,no sickness,no pain. Just love from cute desirable boys playing on a new world beach. Their beautiful bodies of innocence radiates a new hope for all mankind. Ah! The freedom. What rejoice.

  2. I am in love with number one as a NUMBER ONE. ( I like #4 a lot and also like #2 a little less, but both more than the others ) NUMBER ONE NUMBER ONE could have no body underneath what we can see here but I am in LOVE with hi. IF ANYONE HAS MORE OF HIM I WOULD BUY. I FIND NOTHING NOWHERE ABOUT HIM. P L E A S E give me info. I cried when I first saw him and find nothing no more about him.
    – – – – – P L E E E E E Z E ! ! ! ! dash

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