17 thoughts on “Random Boys 9

  1. Fantastic post mark, wow, what a group of hot cuties. good shock I really enjoyed the first stunner and the little racer #6 fed lots to the fantasy fire. laugh #8 has one of the most exciting looks to be posted on this blog, would love to see more of him. yes inlove Thank you. good drinks heart

    • True exciting case this # 8. I completely agree with you about him. It would be really cool to get to see more pics of him. yes Then I wonder why no one mention # 2. shock Is it only me who has so lively (and dirty) imagination? laugh I like his asking gaze and inviting mouth. But what gets me really excited is what is not in the picture … it’s what’s between his hub and toes heart (well, I don’t mean the navel fluff and not sand between his toes, but something much more enjoyable … you know). I would like to get just such a boy to the front seat of my car, or just to anywhere heart heart heart . On the other hand such a package would be far too dangerous in the front seat of my car in traffic. I can not guarantee where my hands and eyes would be shock . But I believe that this kind of pics make good to my imagination, and to my old brain cells. yes smile

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