16 thoughts on “Amazing blond beauty Nic and his beautiful muscles

  1. Yeah, he is definitely one in a million!
    He’s all the workout motivation i need although i could never look this good.
    I have 48 photos of him so stay tuned tomorrow for more Nic beauty.

  2. Nic has a body for the ages, and at an age when we can still enjoy his young boyishness. I don’t know how much is his working out and how much is genetics but I hope appreciates how gifted he was to receive that physique, and that he works hard to keep it young, healthy and beautiful.

    If your body is a temple, Nic’s is the freaking Taj Mahal.

  3. This guy NIC requires a thorough and complete ___________ and he will come out sparkling cool and still a show off laugh . FINE a guy is NIC for photo’s, and he knows it, I figure heart . Why he does this ( or, did ) I cannot fathom ( old word for figuration / figure, give number to / measure / as well as an actual measure number ). OH SHUT ME UP ! ! ! drinks I enjoy this set of photos and am happy about them gamer smile

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