24 thoughts on “Cute Blond Boys

  1. Gorgeous! They are all stunning, Maxie, and each boy has much more than just blond hair to recommend him. 3,4,5,6,9 and 10 are the ones who draw me to them most. Thank you very much again. good drinks hug joy

  2. Great selection Maxie my man.
    I especially love the last one.
    Although i don’t really like these low rise briefs because it makes his beautiful equipment look kinda small and it’s all but small. If you get my point.
    It’s also kinda nice to have both our posts next to each other tonight, kinda like brothers. :good:
    Have a good weekend!

  3. Being a photo-shopped photo does not mean essentially altered. It may be a photo simply enhanced as in making an old or poor Q photo more visible. Also called swishing or waved and more names. Altering in a way that does not alter the subject matter is that all. Technically, a photo itself is an alteration of what you see, as no photo is a replication of your vision. Ha Ha. I was shocked to discover that. My FAVORITE of all this is the, to me VERY surprising, hearts on the swimsuit and the guy who is also a heart breaker wearing such. W-O-W-!!! Now : who is imagining what about who and who is imagining the why and whereto it is to lead, and who is alluring on purpose and who is advertising to who ???? . dash drinks heart

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