6 thoughts on “Little Hercules:Strongest boy in the World

    • I’d written a comment along with my submission, but did not do it correctly so it did not get here. All the photos are of Richard from age 6 to 11, no photoshopping I promise you. There was a TV special on Richard 10 or so years ago with the same title as my post, It was on A&E I believe. There was some question about his father giving him drugs to make him stronger, but they did tests and could find nothing, just good genes and hours and hours of hard work.
      I am not into bodybuilding and Richard does not have a look which attracts me, but I can appreciate his hard work.
      To say he is ugly, and has destroyed his body is wrong. You may not care for the look, but he is older now and in very good shape, though no longer does body building. You can find him on the internet talking about what it was like when he was young and how he is now.
      I posted him because there have been some posts with muscle boys who were surprising and I thought Richard would really surprise people.

  1. WOW!! Never seen him before, my immediate thought was Photoshop, but WOW again, what dedication to build such a body so young, he deseves a big thumbs up, 100% thanx beast for sharing dude!

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