36 thoughts on “Cutie with different hair styles :D

  1. Oh my those eyes! He is so adorable, many thanks for your post! Every picture captures the true beauty of a boy… like them all but the first three may just be my favorite. thank you again smile heart

  2. He is so beautiful! In some pictures, he looks so frail that I’d be afraid to hug him. But he’s so adorable…Maybe I could just hold his hand and read to him. Yeah, that would be nice.

  3. THANKS A LOT Sascha99, from me and from my Dutch friend Jefferey !!! U’r waesome! Jeff was right, this boy is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see the other ones… heart smile hug

  4. I would be putty in his hands! he’d only have to ask for something and it would be his! the only exception would that haircut in the last pic! His eyes are to die for, my Mom would’ve said he has Smiling eyes! inlove hug joy

  5. If someone were to ask me to explain what attracts me to a boy all I would need to do is point them to this set and say here he is. This is what I love about a boy. All of him. His age, his eyes, his body, his demeanor, his variety of poses and styles. And I particularly love the tease of #4 not knowing for sure where his hand might be! laugh

  6. He might want to work on that last hair-do —- which is a clever hair-do —- and to work on that in a variety of ways and, maybe, adding color tips — along with the other ways hair can be done, as he does. He seems very aware of his attractiveness. The last hair-do is the most clever … and most clever. Oh, I repeat myself. UH _OH ! Just shows that he has me wrapped around his finger. I was NEVER allowed to play with my hair … and I have seen boys hurt for play as this by other boys. NICE SET of pictures … THANK YOU again cat

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