21 thoughts on “Pool Side (02)

  1. I will jump on the gorgeous number 1 boy train with Florian, the first boy is hall of fame gorgeous, WOW. inlove #3 is a little doll, very cute. yes heart #5 is also a hot little cutie. good joy And #8 also rang the above and beyond handsome look. yes laugh Thank you Heath for a wonderful group of boys. drinks joy hug

  2. Thank you for your post… #3 is such a cutie. That innocent, beutiful face and amazing chest heart hug Love #5 also…. something about boys with their hair wet like that tht gets me smile

  3. Me be liking number 3. number 6, and number 10. To lil ole me, they are wows and exiting guy-things. smile heart thumps. As usual, my choices are off the norm but that is not worth any concern. #3, #6, and #10 are wows on their own, heart, and not just by comparison with the others. I always compare, and we all do it automatically, and I take it further. I may have been a cutie as a youngie but I am now an ugly by comparison … but I am a love. Glad to see these wows and mee bee glee. ♫ ♪ ☼ ♂

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