Keep calm and love boy kissing

1. When boys kissing each other

2.boy’s quest in finding his true love’s kiss.


3. A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.”


4. Boys Kissing Let’s just do it and do it unapologetically because that is our honest experience. That is our truth.


5. I was just aware I wasn’t supposed to be having those feelings from a very young age.


6. show a romantic, adorable, puppy love situation between two little boys


7. Those are always awesome moments and I love that people feel like they kissing



13 thoughts on “Keep calm and love boy kissing

  1. Yes, I can love boy kissing but no way I can keep calm when I look at these picts. Especially # 5 and # 6 melt my heart completely. It is the most beautiful scenery you can think of. heart hug smile

  2. To have been able to have been free enough to have kissed my friends like that in public when I was young would have been heaven. yes Thank you for sharing this love and affection Lusiboy. heart inlove hug

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