42 thoughts on “Scotty – Serie Arg. Water Polo.

    • Thanks a lot Maxie. This was the surprise ! But I’ll have another surprise for you, with this beautiful Scotty : some rare pictures of him in HD ! Very good for zooming and watching details… This speedo is one of all speedos he has, and the best indeed.

  1. I like the standing poses best – his beautiful sexy body presented to us for our full appreciation. Sometimes I am just overwhelmed with our good fortune that there are photographers out there willing to photograph the beauty of the boy body. Can you imagine living in the days before the internet and digital photography, and never in your life seeing something as gorgeous as Scotty in speedos?

  2. I do not find him sexy nor do I think of him sexually. Half naked show offing is inherently sexual and sexy but not masturbationally so. He is cute … and THAT , in spite of his chubby cheeks, makes him a NICE guy THAT makes anyone want to take care of him gently and playfully. Why else would fathers like their sons … except as possible playmates as they get older. Ha Ha. ( Would you ‘like’ and ugly son ? ( Maybe, yes, though I wonder why that, but some dads, and moms, love, & I mean love and not just like, their ugly, even monstrous looking children. ) ) NICE bunch of photo’s. dash

  3. the Scotter is a real young muscle bull-stud…LOVE to body build this beast…then get him in the rasslin’ ring with a stud of color…bullies…take note

  4. OH BOY. Scotty is the best. Thanks for sharing. More boys have beauty. You can see on the pictures Scotty is also intellegent . not selfish , aware of others and happy BOY . He is my joy. He is my virtual son. Thank you Scotty .

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