There’s something about Nic ..

2nd part of amazing, beautiful, hot, athletic blondie Nic at the beach.
I shared 20 photos of him this weekend, and here is a little treat for you.
You can download all 48 photos of him in hi def (cca 1024*768) for free from this link:

Dear Nic, even though you’ll never read this i wish you all the best of luck and true happiness in your life.
Knowing you, would have been the most wonderful thing in the world.
blonde-teen-boy-beach-wet-speedos-surfer (38)
Why do hot boys always wear jeans so well?blonde-teen-boy-beach-wet-speedos-surfer (35)
Love your beautiful hair even in this state. blonde-teen-boy-beach-wet-speedos-surfer (12)
The most perfect body in the world.blonde-teen-boy-beach-wet-speedos-surfer (44)

blonde-teen-boy-beach-wet-speedos-surfer (26)-1

blonde-teen-boy-beach-wet-speedos-surfer (41)

blonde-teen-boy-beach-wet-speedos-surfer (20)
Love your amazing beautiful muscles. You are a true inspuration! Keep it up my man!blonde-teen-boy-beach-wet-speedos-surfer (28)-1-1
blonde-teen-boy-beach-wet-speedos-surfer (27)-1
blonde-teen-boy-beach-wet-speedos-surfer (29)-1

16 thoughts on “There’s something about Nic ..

  1. Correction to starting text in this post.
    I did NOT share 20 Photos of beautiful Nic this past weekend because once again my post was deliberately witheld for over 2 days from posting when it was supposed to be posted along with all the others although it was submitted 7 full hours before the deadline por approving posts.

  2. Thank you very much for these picts. Nic is a very handsome boy. Unfortunately, the file Nic.rar is damaged. I tried 3 times, and everytime I had a message saying the file was damaged. Thank you anyway.

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