Bang Bang – A Story (part 3)

The key players are two boys, joined at the hip and at the heart and seeming to share one brain, one spirit. Childhood best friends who grow together into manhood, so much more usual a pattern for girls than boys, but then we were so often the exception. The boy sopranos whose voices didn’t change until well into high school. The jock and the egghead who got along as if that’s how it supposed be. Yin and yang in a world of cliques and clubs. There were other friends, a few even that we didn’t share, but none that lasted. But they all retreat into memory and what stands out as I try to frame this first chapter of my story is a simple series of moments: two boys, one dark-haired, one blond, sitting in a tree eating apples, spitting out sand on a beach, running through suburban yards, chasing cars, planning imaginary airline itineraries to lands with magical names that were only real because we could find them on maps. Two boys, innocent of the past, ignorant of the future, and oblivious to how both would change them. Knowing only one thing: together, now, life was sweet.

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16 thoughts on “Bang Bang – A Story (part 3)

    • Nice story. Reminds me of some excellent friends I had back then, and one or two in particular who were very close. Makes me think about the closing line in the movie, Stand By Me – “I never had any friends later on, like the ones I had when I was twelve…Jesus….does anyone?”

      And it’s kinda sad to realise that’s mostly true, but all the same I’m thankful for the those days and those friendships, and I cherish the few I do have today.

  1. Green! That is the color of envy, which is the color I am as I hear you tell this story. My own story is so much the opposite. One of the realities of being a boy lover is that the object of our love most often grows up and moves on. If we are very lucky we remain acquaintances with a card now and then, maybe even regular communications, but most often the beloved moves on to new loves and the lover lives with memories. yes Even those who are not boy lovers rarely have life long friends who remain close beyond the aforementioned occasional communications, such is the economic and modern reality where few, in the US at least, live their whole lives in one place. sorry
    Hsifami I love your story, so well told, a web of love and sweetness so well woven. Thank you for it, and the gorgeous boys who so adorably bring it to life. yes heart hug

  2. Some of you may recognize this line from Stand By Me, ‘I never had friends later in life like the one’s I had when I was 12!’ It SO applies to childhood in general! doesn’t it?! smile

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