35 thoughts on “BJ – Precious Wood Mahogany

  1. Thank you very much Maxie ! Very happy with this so nice pretty black boy, the first time I see him ! Wonderful, awesome and everything I can add to admire this gorgeous boy. The short is very perfect and the boy into absolutely sexy. Thanks again.
    P.S. Who is or what is Pine Tree ?

    • My title is the name of a fragance, and Pine Tree is another one, that’s why I wrote, I prefer Precious Wood Mahogany, which in Español and Portugues is: Ebano. The boy is spectacular inlove , I hope to see him a little more. Thanks Patrick. good drinks hug

  2. This boy to me looks so stunning. I love his armpits. I love seeing boys just starting to grow hair on there armpits. So appealing to me. Thank you. His body and face are amazing.

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