19 thoughts on “Neck Bling (01)

  1. They are all simply adorable, but I gotta say guy 2 just pips the post by a hairs breadth for me, he is a little bit cuter, just a little bit, other guys are so close as to be affected by the wind, that close!

  2. Bling and the boy, hot combination, yes I very much enjoy this blog because, as an older person with many loves and lovers in my past I am often rewarded in looking at the posts by boys who bare a resemblance to some of them. yes The fires of memory can truly be hot and I enjoy such heat, it helps me forge stories I like to write about our adventures and love making. laugh Thank you Heath for your post has provided two for me, frame 6, who was a very horny youngster who wrestled for and with me, frame 7 who bares some resemblance to a boy who taught me much able how to make love to a boy when I was not much more than a boy myself and frame 9 who reminds me of my second son Donald, for which I thank you greatly, having lost my family photos in a storage fire. good inlove I also would thank you for the numbers along with the pics. I believe the posting parties deserve some extended comment when they’ve posted boys who stir more than an appreciative glance and it is a pain in the buttocks to have to constantly go back and count down from the top or keep a written log in order to address one’s comments to about a certain boy, I think it is one reason so many just write a general, thank you, I know when I get tired I do. Thanks again Hsifami. good hug drinks

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