9 thoughts on “Random Boys 12

    • Shame Sascha you should come and stay with me here in Africa, it is lovely and warm, just like all these beautiful boys pictured here. All so hot I can only say ‘WoW’

  1. Very nice group of hot, handsome boys. good I would love to do some push-ups on, oops I mean with #1. laugh What a tight, full, round, plump, high peaked, ample, luscious pair of fleshy boy mounds. inlove monkey The two boys in frame 7 look so happy to be together, makes me think of Hsifami’s Bang Bang post, so lovely. yes joy The boy in frame 8 has a wonderful body I wish I could explore—-with my tongue. shock laugh The next to the last boy, #9 looks like a real sweetie. hug Thank you Mark for once again providing great eye candy. drinks heart hug

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