My beloved brothers, maybe time to move on?

This is probably my last photos upload.
This blog was one of a kind. Tolerant and full of love, respect and understanding and instead of doing everything possible to keep it that way it is going in the wrong direction.
I thought we are all equal members here but apparently i was wrong, very wrong.
The admin is now openly and shamelesly saying he will focus on new members only and those 1 photo ones because its obviously less work for him when approving posts.
But i will not be a part of such horrible discrimination against all of us old members who are doing their best to keep the quality of this blog we have today.
We are the ones who give our hearts and souls to bring the quality and the true BL spirit to this blog and now we are being swept under the rug like old useless dirty mop and rag in favour of new young fresh ones. I just checked it won’t  let me post more than 10 photos and 2 days sgo i counted 12 photos in another post. Also my last post was witheld 2 full days  without any explanation before being approved.
I do not feel neither welcome here anymore nor all my hard work appreciated. And i think the time has come to move on.
We were like family here and it is very sad it had to end in such an ugly way.
You know that all my posts have more than just photos, they carry a story that anyone here can relate to.I made many wonderful friends here, such amazing guys like @florian1, sn1, @Natey and our young @Thomix just to name some of you. You guys are the best. I wish you all the best.
And my dear @Maxie, you are more than a friend, you always say so much without even having to say anything. I love you like a brother i never had. I think i will miss your comments the most.
I will leave my membership here open and feel free to PM me now and then. I’d really like to stay in touch. Same for you florian1 and thomix and anyone else who feels like chatting with me.
I have so many beautiful boys to share and now they will end up in the bin, and that’s what hurts me the most.
Here are my best boys the ones i was jealously keeping to myself for 3 years now.
I hope you like them.
The 1st boy is my guardian angel and i wish to dedicate him and the last boy to a very beloved guy who suddenly died last April in the most horrible way.He was barely 20yo and he would have turned 21 in exactly 4 months from today. I love you man now and forever. This is for you.

Danish hot boy, check full set for more photos with his brother!
My beautiful beloved Bryan. I love you more than life! May you have a long and happy life and many sons as beautiful as you!! :heart:
Amazing adorable cute boy from Poland. He is the love of my life. What would i do to hug him just once. :heart:




37 thoughts on “My beloved brothers, maybe time to move on?

  1. Sorry could not check the download links because of missing password, so i have to remove it squirrel

    I do really not know, what you mean with unequal member? sorry I do just publish every day the oldest 20 pending posts, so there is no different if a member is new or old. and every member can have exact one pending post.

  2. Since all my links to full sets of pics were removed (not that i am one bit surprised!) Here they are again.

    Last boy full set:

    Another cute Polish boy:

    New archive with more photos of gorgeous Nic:

    Adorable brothers Bry and Ty:

    Cute blond boy full set:

    115 photos of different boys all taken in 2015:
    Best regards.

    P.S. Please only comment on the photos i posted, and not other things, thank you!
    Have a nice Wednesday.

  3. cry The drama! We have to remember that our host does not get a paycheck to do this! He does it for the love of it! So a little slack is in order here and I’m sure things will be just fine. cool Long live B.O.B drinks

    • Making order at the expense of older faithful and dedicated members is not the right way to go.
      My posts are the only ones to be witheld for 3 happened again with this last post which i submitted over 2 days ago. It already happened 5 times with my last six posts.
      And even now he keeps deleting my links and when Sinal for example posts 10 photos and 3 more links to full sets download he is allowed and i am not. Why?????????
      Why is one member here more valuable than everybody else???? Why do the blog rules not apply to selected members only?

      • Did you read my first comment on that post here????????????????????
        I could not check your downloadlinks because you did not inculde a password in your post. So i could not check the content of the archives, so i did remove the links.

        And it is just not TRUE. I do publish every day the oldest 20 pending posts. And yes sometimes it takes two days until publishing a post. I am the only checker currently and i do not have the time to check every eve 50 posts. and the limitation is running since 4 days, so it is only possible that your last 2 posts was waiting for two days. aNd you are not the ONLY one who have to wait. Several people was wondering already about it, and all people could understand it.

  4. My dear BlueEyes, is very painfull for me to read your letter. I really hope to meet you again, between beauties in this blog. My brother BlueEyes, please reconsider your words, and give us the “joie” of your posts in the future. Maxie. heart hug hug hug

    • Thank you Maxie i like you too very much.
      I hope we can stay in touch.
      I am extra dissapointed now as almost none of you commented on the photos of this post.
      I have more photos of the last boy plus many other boys but the admin stubbornly keeps deleting my links while others are allowed to post them.

      I sent you a PM with the links.
      Don’t be sad, if you ‘re sad, i am too.
      BR :heart:

  5. Today’s pictures are really beautiful, as always, and thank you so much for them. I hope very much that you will post more here as things settle down. A thing you can be sure of is that so many people will welcome you always. hug

  6. Very nice pics.

    Your rant, however…not so much. It’s too bad that Sascha, as a volunteer doesn’t perform up to your standards. Perhaps you could cut him some slack? Realize that he has to go through every photo and every link so that this blog doesn’t get shut down. Not mention keeping an eye on the forums. If you feel that you’re being treated unfairly, perhaps a short note and some patience. Rather than throwing drama up and then asking people not to comment on the drama.

    Seriously. Your pics are great. Sascha does a great job. Cut him some slack and realize that you are not being treated differently from anyone else.

    • I am not ranting at anyone. I was just saying how i feel and why i don’t see a point in posting anymore if things continue down this path.
      I was admin of much bigger forum 10 years ago and i know how it works and how busy it can get.
      It is ridiculous to expect one guy to do all the work while the number of members grows every day.
      Lets say we have 50 posts per day and 20 post limit. Already at the second day we have 30 pending posts from the day before which means nobody cannot submit anything that day.And with every new day the queue gets longer and longer…
      What will happen when this 20 post wall is not enough anymore?
      We will be cut down again to 10 posts?
      What is the point in sharing pictures if it takes over 15 days to share 50 pics?
      And becsuse those 20 slots are taken mostly by 1-3 pic posts, while others wait in queue, the number of shared pics get smaller every day.

      And its not fair to intimidate new members from posting either, just because they don’t hsve many pics to post.
      I have been gathering boy pics for almost 10 years now. Beautiful cute boys don’t just knock on your door every day.

      And besides i am just another nobody here so i don’t see what all the fuss is about anyway. One person dies another one is born. Such is life.


      • but is fact that i am only one guy and Kasper does moderate the forum. Or what is your solution for that problem? You mean we should spent still more time for the site? Sorry you are much to ungrateful.

        And your calculation is wrong ,because everyone can only have one pending post. currently the waiting list is stable, because here are only about 45 active posters.

        As you had problems you did always PM me, and I did help you. and now you will public hurt me and does not answer to my comments here, so I think i will not miss you a lot.
        therefore have a nice life penguin

  7. I’ve just read your post above. I’m a bit disappointed by the fact that you didn’t contact Sascha or me (by PM or in the forum) to clear things up. Instead, you made your own conclusions and shared that on the blog. I don’t think that is the way to solve problems or misunderstanding.

    The fact is that we had to limit the number of posts each day to preserve the quality of the blog. Checking and pulbishing over 40 new posts every day is impossible. If we would continue doing that, it would be possible that posts have more as 10 pics in it, alhtough I believe it’s not longer possible to upload more than 10 pics at once.

    Over 40 new posts a day is not practical for the mods, but for some visitors it’s not ideal either. They are willing to comment pics and posts, but due to the large number of new posts, that is almost impossible. I do believe that some posts uploaded last months didn’t get the attention they should have had. For me it was a reason to stop uploading new posts. My last one will be of October 2015.

    As someone else mentionned in your post too, all the work at the blog is done by volunteers and sometimes we have to take decision that not everyone agrees on. Everybody is free to have their opinion of it. Some of the people who don’t agree with a chance, ‘treaten’ us by leaving the blog because they disagree. Maybe this sounds hard, but I don’t care because this is life.

    The last thing I would add, before you leave, is that the site, that has started with a blog by Sascha only, is grown to a community where members can make their on contributions and discuss subjects and write with each other. Most of it ideas by members we implemented. But at the end, it has to be manageble.

    Because of my absence in the memberblog over the last two months, I missed your contributions but I want to thank you for them.

    :gamer: Kasper

  8. I’ve always liked your pics because they weren’t the standard random netfinds. I hope to see many more of them and wouldn’t mind if I have to wait for them a few days.
    I think the limitation of posts will raise the member blog’s quality a bit.
    If you have more of that polish boy, I would love it to be posted!

  9. I just logged in to say i’m really sorry to the new members and 1 photo uploaders.
    I’m sorry if you find yourself offended by what i wrote, it was never ever my intention to offend anyone. I hope you understand that. The problem is not you or your posts, we should all get a chance to say how we feel and share the photos we like.
    But the way this blog is going is anything but good.
    I am a really tolerant person and never ever hold a grudge against anyone in any situation.


    • Well then be an adult and let the grudge against the moderators go and stay on the blog. You obviously have several friends/members that want you to stay.

      As for the last two pics, aka the love of your life, WOW! he is gorgeous I can see why you find him so appealing.

      • I never said i will leave and never return.
        Its not like i will die tomorrow.
        But as for uploading maybe its best if i take a little break. There are much better and new younger uploaders than me here. Let them show what they have to show.
        And no i do not hold a grudge against anyone no matter what anyone thinks.

        Thank you for your comment.

        • And as for last boy, i spent two hours laying next to him and i felt a strong vibe from him, i don’t know how to explain. But my heart beats faster when I’m next to him. If you know what i mean.

  10. BluEyes,
    First of all I would like to thank you for your post, I always enjoy them very much, and I would like to thank you for the comments you have left on my post. You have always been very kind. I understand your frustration and I too was not happy when I read about the reduction in post but there are days when I only have time to come here long enough to make a quick post and then leave, I don’t always have time to look through each and every post the way I would like to so I understand that it must be tough for the mod to set down every day and go through each and every post so in the end I do understand his point. I think we all understand that the mod is a volunteer and he takes time out of his day to do this for free and yes he works hard to keep the blog going but on the other side of the coin, the same can be said for all of us who come here and post and try to make this a place people like us want to come to. Sometimes it can be a lot of work to find 10 pics to post than haven’t already been posted 2 or 3 times in the week before so when you make a post and pics are omitted and you see the same pics in someone elses post a few days later it does sometimes get very frustrating so maybe we should all have a little more understanding and appreciation for each others time and effort here, mods included.
    As someone who is easily frustrated and irritated I can say that sometimes it does help to step back and take a brake for posting every now and again. I didn’t post most of the month of november because of a comment that was made on one of my post by another member. I didn’t stop coming here but I did stop posting for a few weeks. I thought that was a better thing to do than let my irritation turn in to something more.

    • Thank you i know exactly what you mean by feeling bad because of bad comments on your post. Been there. And thank you very much for the kind words. I always try to keep my negative feelings to myself rather than go and offend the poster, but we are not all like that. I think i need a little break now and later we’ll see. Hopefully this post has served something at least next time to take more in consideration how blog changes will affect loyal members here for whom this is much more than just another blog.

  11. BluEyes ,
    You probably don’t remember me , I have yet to post .
    Just a lonely member who appreciated all of your hard work .
    Holding back the pain of knowing you are planning to move on. Please take time to reconsider your decision.

    • @FLAG, Thank you. :heart: I think it’s best if i take a little break for now. I’m still here and would love to hear from you anytime you want. I get very lonely too often myself. Unfortunately i know how it feels like. Take care.

  12. WOW Lots of drama here!! As a Very new member here.This whole tiff reminds me of another completely different site for” Muscle cars” that I belong to were some of the moderators were dicks..I made a grammatical error and the mod jumped all over me for it and we had our “public forum jousting” (arguing) go back and forth!..NOT GOOD…I too felt slighted and unwelcome BUT never relented..Im not going to let anyone troll me or bully me from a site that I enjoy…As far as your whole drama I don’t know yet what the deal is cause I’ve yet to post any pics…I have made a few comments …some that weren’t accepted and im not sure why? But have moved on and enjoyed this site alot..Now I must say that in the last few months that I’ve been on here ,I have seen a lot of “re-posts”of the same old pics BUT i do look forward to seeing NEW ones..That’s what keeps me coming back as a “newbie”…and the feeling of being accepted by others that love these boys like I do!!( NO Judgments)…..I don’t wanna get into the blame game or the politics of how and when and why..I just wanna see boys!!! I hope ypu all figure a better way to accept and keep all old and new members and make ua ALL feel we are UNITED in our cause!!!….Graci….

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