Bang Bang – A Story (part 4)

Seasons came and changed the time
And I grew up, I called him mine.
He would always laugh and say,
“Remember when we used to play
Bang bang – I shot you down
Bang bang – you hit the ground
Bang bang – that awful sound
Bang bang – I used to shoot you down.”

bang bang 122

bang bang 451

bang bang 966

bang bang 922

bang bang 969

bang bang 1019a

bang bang 329

bang bang 1024

bang bang 455

bang bang 23

7 thoughts on “Bang Bang – A Story (part 4)

  1. Well told tale Hsifami, really enjoying it. heart The shot with the two older guys handing on the horizontal bar and the little guy looking up at them is precious, I remember being the little guy and looking up to the older kids. hug Thank you for the post. inlove drinks

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