36 thoughts on “A Flawless

  1. A really lovely clip ! Thanks a lot. Now I can save any videos within Firefox with Video DownloadHelper (an add-on) and it’s a pleasure to see and see again such a nice hymn to boyhood.

  2. I was going to stay in Africa until may, June but things have gone tits up, gosh I hate tits, now I must go back to Prague, in the fekkin cold how cold is it there in Europe guys? Gosh I hate tits, always Sean things have gone tits up, you better come f*** I hate it, here I was thinking things won’t go tits up, and sure as little green apples, what happens!!!!!!

  3. wow, awesome vid
    I loved the boy in the background in the 3rd oic, behind the little monkey,
    And, there was something about the kiddo in the last pic. He wasnt the cutest in the post, but something bout his black hair. I really thought he’s cute.
    Thanx for posting smile

  4. Wonderful post. The pics are terrific, and the video spectacular. That was an awesome song accompanying your video too, any idea who that artist/band is?

    Thanks again for your post. Beautiful all the way around.

  5. Wow qué video más hermoso
    …… definitivamente el mejor video que he visto hasta hoy este año 2016
    Los nenes son Una ternurita se ven hermosos

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