Boys of thrones

GoT is a really good series, but not only because of its suspense and amazing action sequences, but also because of the several cute boys the show has to offer for our eyes (:

Bran Stark






Jojen Reed (Who in real life was 22yo at the time…)jojen





Rickon Stark






Tommen Baratheon


8 thoughts on “Boys of thrones

  1. And just think if they had cast age(s) like in the books Rob Stark and Jon Snow would only be 14. guess the producers felt the viewing public wouldn’t buy main protagonist that young. Even though there is historic precedent! cool Pedantic aren’t I wacko laugh

  2. The boys in Game of Thrones are wonderful. Tommen is so lovely. Bran so pretty. Thomas Sangster is one of my best favorite boys, since he was a child. Thanks to remember these nice boys.

  3. There are two different actors playing the role of Tommen “Baratheon” (lol), in the books all the kids were younger than in the show, like Jon Snow or Rob were supposed to be teens basically. smile

  4. Wow… indeed the best tv show. In Brazil the serie receive harsh critics because the ultraviolence and splicit sex content… but for me Bran Stark does make it counts, dosen’t it????

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