17 thoughts on “B&W Boys

    • You are most welcome maxie. drinks I do not seem to be able to get my comments with my posts. There are too many boxes and I don’t seem to be able to write in the correct ones.
      The first two pictures are of Johnny Sheffield. As a boy I wanted more than anything to be tarzan’s son, to run in the jungle with the animals and swing in the trees. inlove
      The boy diving is Kevin Corcoran who played Moochie in a number of early walt disney movies and Mickey Mouse Club shows, I also wanted to be him. yes Both he and johnny were early fantasies for me, so cute and handsome.
      I hope to discover how to accompany my post with comments like Patrick and Hsifami do so well.

      • Thanks Beast for your comment. I would like to write more, everytime (I am a writer…) but in French, and I know few of BL speak french here. I can write something different for every pict when I want, but in French. And it would be unfair to not translate. Sorry because I wrote hundred pages about boys… in French ! One of my novel speak about 6 boys adopted.

  1. Damn! dash Why are they so much hotter in black and white, specially the boy getting arm stroke lessons? His torso rib pachage is awesome the nipple looks delicious as usual. I wouldn’t mind having a taste of that sweet boy. heart

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