23 thoughts on “Some Hotties

  1. Maxie, I’m not one to bull shit, your post are normally very hot and clean, but the photoshopped shots here are very off putting. sorry The natural boys are handsome and very pleasing, thank you for your effort, keep them coming. drinks dash

      • Hey Maxie.

        As you probably know, I made (photoshopped) the header of this website. I work a lot with PS and here are some things I seen in the four mentionned pictures:

        #1 Look at the image quality at the boys face and the rest of the body. The head is a bit vague in comparison to the rest. You can also look at the hairline. No single hair standing up, no transition between the hair and the bg-image.

        Sure I’ve my doubts at the blue swimsuit too.

        #2 The pose of the boy is weird, when you’re on the bed like that, the position of the head makes it even more inconfortable.

        # The boy is totally wet, including some parts of the hair that are very dark now. The hair above his eyes has two colors. How come that a part of the hair got wet and the other part didn’t while there isn’t a single drop of water in his face (that looks dry).

        #4 Transition from the neck to the head. Bad coloring, now shadowtransition. And here the image quality of the face is a bit more vague in comparison to the rest of the image.


        I agree that your other posts a great to watch. The photoshop-pics can be nice, as long as it is done properly (and unrecognizable).

        • Kasper, I really thank you, your words, they were very helpfull. I still am looking the pics, and is very difficult for me, to see clearly, all what you see. I don’t doubt your appreciation, I have to learn to distinguish that details. I just take the pics from the web. Thank again Kasper, is good to have here somebody, with experience like you. Sorry for my mistake, please if you see something anomalous in my future posts, I will thank you, if you tell me, where is my fault. Love Maxie. good drinks hug dash

  2. Thanks Maxie for these boys, and if I had to choose, it would be the #6 and #8
    Of course 1 2 3 and 4 are worked maybe with Photoshop, but I don’t care, a boy is a boy and I love boys, and I like the #3. And I love the sweetness of the young dancer. Thanks a lot

    • Thanks very much Patrick. I give you the right. Yo´encontre las fotos asi, y la verdad que no me interesa si tienen photoshop. dog Si la cara y el chico me gusta, para mi es suficiente. Como tu bien dices, a boy is a boy, and I also love boys. Gracias amigo ! good drinks hug
      Envie correio.

      a y el chico me gusta

  3. The first 4 are photoshopped, dosnt take an expert to see that! I dont really see a reason to post photoshopped pics, should only be unaltered boys here…….

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