34 thoughts on “BEST COUPLE – 2

  1. Couple 1 is at a disadvantage with only one boy shirtless, but it doesn’t matter. Number 4 would still get my vote anyway. The second boy in each of 2 and 3 together would be unbeatable. All the boys are great looking, though.

  2. Also at this time I am voting couple # 1. The decision was not easy. I watched the photos many times and I tried to make a decision. The fourth couple was very close as well as other couples. In my opinion the first couple’s boys complement each other well. Surely some details in picts solved my decision. Boys in their jeans make me always restless … in a pleasant way. The first boy looks fabulous in his jeans. Another picture looks very homely. Both the scenery and the boy look very Finnish and the boy’s buttocks and legs look very nice. If picts are taken close to boys’ homes so they live very far from each other but that does not stop them from being great couple. good smile

    This is a great thing to form couples, Hyon 51. I love this. You’re just like Cupido. heart heart hug

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