Bang Bang – A Story (part 5)

Then came the summer our families took vacation together. See, our families had been close since the day we all moved into the new neighborhood in the same week ten years ago. But this was a first – a two-family camping and biking vacation in the country. The two of us found as much time as we could to be together alone, mostly riding our bikes on country back roads and horse trails, with no destination but freedom. And it was the day we discovered the remote Appalachian Road, winding its barely-paved way through forests and meadows, and its frequent forks leading to secret cul-de-sacs, that we finally shared our first kiss.

That summer vacation was deemed such a success, that our two families repeated it for the next three years. And each successive summer he and I spent less and less time on those vacations with our families and more and more time in forests and meadows on our own.

01 Bang Bang 973

02 Bang Bang 469a



05 Bang Bang 194

06 Bang Bang 344a

07 Bang Bang 221

08 Bang Bang 121a

09 Bang Bang 944

10 Bang Bang 292

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