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  1. Beamer is great … as a musician. He is a good player, excellent singer and he has a lot of very good originals. He is also actor. He has been playing guitar for about 8 years and appeared in public for about 6 years. But this is what you, Robert, for sure you know very well, and maybe no one else will bother to read this. I have sometimes wondered whether here could be music videos but maybe this is not the right place for them even though they have sometimes so damn good-looking boys. I would have many times wanted to tell the boys, when I have commented on their music videos, how good they look heart hug , but I have not been brave enough to do it. sorry Maybe some guys would have liked it, but certainly not all, and particularly their parents could wonder my purposes. rtfm I really like immensely from the music what those young guys are doing. Many of them are so damn good players and singers and many of them are already doing very good own music… compositions, lyrics and arrangements. smile

    • Hi John, I have seen a few videos on here, as I am sure you have. But you are right, this really isn’t the best site for videos. It is a GREAT site for sharing our pictures of boys that we love and admire! And, I must compliment Sascha for that, as I believe that he’s doing a great job, and has built a wonderful site!! My favorite site to watch videos on is YouTube! I have my own channel there, with hundreds of artists, and thousands of videos posted! You can find my YouTube channel at this link:
      You are able to comment on the videos that I have there, as well as the videos on other people’s channels. I would suggest that you keep ALL comments non-sexual though! Telling a boy that you find attractive that he is: “a good looking boy, or young man,” or, that you think: “he has nice hair” etc., is harmless, and I wouldn’t discourage it.
      I hope this helps you some, and I hope that you will find the time to check out my YouTube channel sometime. I would like to recommend that you especially watch: Jordan Jansen, Aj Silva, Carson Lueders, and Ronan Parke. They are all beautiful boys, with great talent!!

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