39 thoughts on “Lange Haar, ist Doch Schoen

  1. Wonderful again, Maxie! The five pictures of the first boy heart are gorgeous and there is an exceptional photo of Sonny heart and the boy before him is gorgeous too. And I like the other boys. Thank you for a special post. good drinks hug joy

  2. Great post Maxie, as you normally do. good heart The first boy is an oldie but a goodie and I enjoy seeing him again. laugh penguin #6 is stone cold sexy and hot, he looks very much like a young lover of mine who was a boxer and is now a doctor, very hot in bed too, back when he was 12-15 years old, 40 years ago, how time flies when you are having fun. inlove penguin #7 is also very, very handsome and feeds the old fantasy mill with hot fuel. laugh Sonny is always a joy because he seems to so love to turn us on and have us looking at his nice full, round, tight, smooth butt and boyish parts, great hair too. heart hug Thank you for showing off these gorgeous lads Maxie mi amigo. drinks heart penguin

    • My dear beast, do you know, who the boy in 5 firsts pics is heart heart ? Please tell me his name. # 6 Maxim is a very cute model, Sonny is Sonny and the others are some pics from the web. Thank you for your comment. good drinks hug

    • Remember Patrick, these picks are to enjoy the soul. You are going to live 100 years more yes . It’s a pity not to know the name of the first boy (looks russian). Thanks very much for your support. good drinks hug

  3. Hello Maxie!! The 5 firts fotos ,, the boy is very perfect i love his body sexy & hot. I love Sonny . Very good post. Thank you very much friend Maxie smile smile

  4. Boy#10.
    I’m new to this website. I love long haired boys. Long haired boys only.
    Boy#10 is my Boy-God Dream.
    Love his long blonde hair and angelic face. He’s the best I’ve seen, so far.
    Do we know his name, anyone?

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