Members’ Choice II

Your Choice! Which boy would you like to see more pics of?

Boy #1 or Boy #2?

Results will be posted on Monday or Tuesday.

Boy # 1:

Or Boy # 2:


30 thoughts on “Members’ Choice II

  1. [email protected] |

    Boy#1 is by far the hottest

  2. Boy 1 for sure
    you didn’t ask for us to state the reason why, I will therefore tell you anyways ;-p

    I love his slightly scruffy hair, his watch is just a little too big as though he’s trying to look like he’s more mature or more grownup than he is. His head is still a little too large for his body, I mean he still has boy body proportions. And finally, boy too is kinda pushing the age range for my preference fo the boys I am drawn to ;-p

    grins, well… you did a poll. mwahahaah

  3. Boy one for sure! I just feel like he’s all around cuter and more striking! To my eyes and my other parts! I also agree with what Chad Mashing said, boy one is not only more sex worthy, he leaves more to the unknown!

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