Totally Spencer

I think I may be getting the hang of this, look Olli and Eman, the dinosaur is using the computer!

I love Spencer, and hope I’m posting some shots of him which haven’t been seen a million times in the last month or so, if I failed I will bang my head on the wall and try to do better. I really love Spencer when he is modeling Star Plastic pants because it reminds me of my rug rats when they were little tykes. I hope you enjoy.spanecer ny1 spenceer 2a spencer spencerv spencera spencer x spencer love spencer 9 spencer 3 spencer 10

27 thoughts on “Totally Spencer

  1. I love Spencer too ! How is it possible to not ! A lovely sexy boy. Thanks my friend.
    Beast is the first and only one member here to find who was the young boy in his bath : KILLIAN ! Another wonderful boy.

  2. Thank you for a wonderful post of a gorgeous boy! Spencer heart appealed to me so much when he was younger and he still does now. Apart from his beauty, he seems to share the sense of fun that Kis heart has. Thank you for a lovely post.

  3. More thanks from a fellow ‘dinosaur’, who totally shares your tastes. I look forward to seeing your posts and comments…….and, yes, I’ll always be a Spencer fan!!

  4. How can I forget, one my faves. Spencer is one of the best models heart . He is a Top-ten boy. I have with him “Love at First Sight” inlove . Thank you very much dear beast for sharing. good drinks hug

  5. Sorry Curt, I lost many of my pictures of the boys to parole officers when I got out of prison and the rest in a storage fire in ’91. It is one of the reasons I enjoy this blog so much because there are often boys in the posts who bear some resemblance to my sons or the boys I knew. I am trying to put together a post with some of those boys. It is a deep regret, but before computers and flash drives in was all about the paper and then being smart enough to put things on memories, which with my wife being sick with cancer I did not do.

  6. Yes SPENCER!! Definite top 10 possibly top 5 I love Spencer! I think he is not only cute but sexy and very spunky! His videos from Tiger are so cool to watch..ya know how he talks and his cheeky smart alec attitude and all…Hes a sexy lil beast and I love the kid! Even now someone posted pics of him grown a tad but still very very hot! and ripped! Love ya SPENCE!… heart rtfm inlove dash

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