16 thoughts on “Surfing at the Islands Hawaii

  1. How I wish I had been to Hawaii! A wonderful selection showing gorgeous boys in beautiful settings. My favourites are the boy in 2 and 3, 5, 6 and the boy in the middle of the last picture. But the boy heart I like most of all is the one wearing green in the first picture. I think he is absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you very much, Maxie. good drinks hug joy

  2. They could all ride my board any time since they got it all waxed up. good Very healthy looking boys. yes I especially liked the photo of the little Hawaiian boy, so sweet and adorable. hug Thank you Maxie for sharing, brings back memories of staying with a friend who was stationed there, we had a great time. laugh hug drinks

    • My dear beast, Surfing was my all-time sport heart , I remember the Campings at the Beach heart , like were yesterday. I’m very glad to bring you back beautiful memories penguin . Thanks for your words. good drinks hug

  3. It is pure torture to watch these picts here in the north while outdoors is about – 20 C and more than 20 cm snow. Perhaps small drinks would help a little to warm me up. A bottle of vodka warms nicely. wacko But also those pictures warms and especially all those lovely boys warms my old heart mightily. heart hug That small, cute Hawaiian boy is so endearing. He looks completely professional … maybe he was born in the surf board. smile

    • My dear John47, these pics are going to warm you up, and don’t forget your vodka, also warms you up. If you enjoy these pictures, I am sure, your heart is young heart . Thank you for your support my friend. Maxie. good drinks hug

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