6 thoughts on “Ky Baldwin

    • No problem Beast!! I love giving back to those who have given me so much! And you guys have certainly done that!! So, for you guys that want to experience a passion explosion, I recommend that you watch Jordan Jansen sing “Not Over You” and “What Makes You Beautiful.” You can find his videos on my YouTube channel. ENJOY!!

  1. Yes, Ky is a fantastic dancer and musician and he is also an actor and, of course, he also looks very good. He is also a good street musician and he has a lot of great videos, also with his sister. I am probably seen almost all his videos, and many of them several times. Ky is probably my favorite musician of Australian young musicians but it’s hard to say. I like, for example, Joh and Jag very much.

  2. I don’t think having a shirtless album cover at his age would necessarily sell me to buy his album. The music quality is the main seller when I’m picking out albums. Nevertheless, I’m not discounting the cuteness of his face and cute torso with his young maturing nippies laugh shock heart inlove

    • You “assume” things Jonas! Which if you didn’t, would have made your comment unnecessary! The boy’s name is Ky Baldwin! So, why would he have an album titled “Peter Allen?” That picture is NOT of an album cover, but rather, the name of a movie that Ky stars as the central character! It is, but one of several pics, that was used to promote the movie!

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