22 thoughts on “Random Boys 14

  1. A very handsome crew Mark, well done. good There is nothing more enjoyable than a sexy boy in speedo, undies or shorts with a big smile and enjoying himself. laugh The first boy is totally lovely to me, would enjoy a day of play with him for sure. dash inlove I would love the picture the photographer took a few minutes after the picture posted. good I wish I was that dog, what a wonderful boy to get a hug from. dash thank you mark for another hot post. drinks heart hug

  2. Nothing but the beauty of all the boys. Can anything be more beautiful than a beautiful boy. In addition to that they are beautiful, they are also sexy and attractive. Can there be anything more wonderful than to be together with such a lovely creature alone of day and night, day and night … All these boys fulfill my dreams in perfectly. heart heart hug smile

  3. Wow man I took at least 10 minutes going through your post and just letting my eyes explore the beauty! Thankyou for sharing this with me!
    Unfortionately for me and I’m sure for others; this made me wZy to happy!
    Unfair feelings!

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