Some Cuties For the Fantasy’s Fire

I enjoy posts where the boy being shown is shown in more than one pose. While fantasy is fun and leaving something to the imagination is sexy, it is also nice to have fuel for the fantasy’s fire. So… I have here some little darlings who I found more than one shot of.

I am hoping to be able to put a little caption with each, but as I have lamented before I am a computer/techno idiot. That being said I want to point out the first totally hot little number looks very much like my youngest son, Joey, at that age, same hair, profile and looks to be hung as well. Enjoy!

A Joey look alike

A Joey look alike

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36 thoughts on “Some Cuties For the Fantasy’s Fire

    • You are too kind Maxie. heart hug The first boy so reminds me of Jo-Jo and all the sexy things he used to do, he’s grown up now and when we see each other fondly remember our fooling around times, I’d love to have sex with him now, but I respect he is in a committed relationship with a guy I really like, too bad they aren’t into a three way with an old guy, oh well. laugh sorry The first boy feeds my fantasy fire so I stay hot. good laugh inlove Be well mi amigo. hug heart

  1. Beast, buddy, whatever your computer/techno limitations may be are totally offset by your unfailingly exquisite taste…….. Keep posting……. I depend on you!!

  2. You are, in my opinion, entirely right about what you wrote before the pictures. The blaze of Fantasy’s fire heats really hot. And when you let your imagination run wild so sometimes only the sky is the limit. So happens to me when I look at the first boy. He is so lovely that it hurts me … with that good way. For me it is definitely the best to stop the first boy and to maintain this wonderful sight in my eyes. I do not know if my heart would withstand if I continued forward. heart heart hug smile

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