10 thoughts on “Cutie Corey

  1. Braces are a symbol of trying to control nature, “tame the wild beast” and kill the urge. Girls should really like them, especially because they’re shiny. But I like ’em, because they say: “only steel will hold this monster in it’s pants, I mean, cage.”

    And what a fine, freak-a-licious specimen we have here… Dedicated to an openly hetero-hostile expression (the opposite to suit and tie/dog collar), with his multi-colored hair and earrings… And that excessivly maniacal, vulgar (horny?) smile! Should make girls press their thighs together tightly, but also take offence, that the sexual attention is *not* directed at them at all! Threat and desire and denial! All in one sweet little package! (pun intended) So vicious, so delicious.

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