Hand Jive Material

Steven King was once asked where he got his ideas for his stories. He replied that his brain was like a storm drain grate in which things just got stuck in. These little cuties got stuck in my grate and so I share them with you in hopes they RAISE your spirits, and other things too. The little guy in the green speedo with the pacifier brought sucking to mind, but that is the grate on my storm drain. The handsome lad in the Red/White/and Blue flag speedo is an old favorite of mine, I always salute him when I see him. Enjoy please.nbb17 nbb18 nbb21 nbb22 nbb23 nbb32 nbb33 nbba2

41 thoughts on “Hand Jive Material

  1. Wow Beast! that was a GRATE post!! laugh shock dash The in the neon green suit I first thought was a nudie that had been shopped! but on CLOSER inspection, and a nice salute!…I see he is the real deal! wonderful post bro! drinks

    • You are welcome Boybuff. yes For some reason there are two pictures of the little guy in green which did not make it to the post, don’t know why, though that wet suit did not hide much, thank god. laugh

    • You are most welcome Scoie. yes I am glad you enjoyed the lads. As far as the USA is concerned the country I was born in and grew up in is no longer there, too sad and very scary.

      • I could say the same. The country that raised me is no longer existing.
        I really like the boy in 3, 4 and 5.
        He is unbelieveably cute.
        And he wears those briefs so well which makes him even morw beautiful.

    • I was born and raised in a United States which is no longer there. The US of today is scary and has become big brother, especially oppressing anyone who is interested in those the US deems minors. sorry

  2. Beast: King may have a ‘storm drain grate’, but I prefer to think that you have a filter…….only the best comes through!! Thanks, as always…………

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