20 thoughts on “Hot boy

  1. 2 thoughts: At first I’m very impressed about his stunning beauty. He’s really hot! For me nearly too young. And this aspect brings me to point 2. How old is he? 12 yo?!
    It’s interesting how early boys nowadays begin to realize and play with his sexual appeal. He makes many selfies shirtless, bites his lips and teases with his eye. For boylovers is that perfect, but it’s a bad thing about our society which assist role models who are handsome and sexy. And the kids feel the pressure to emulate these people to be recognized. It’s a bit sad boredom

    • we are who we are, I love boys, but how many of these boys who post shirtless pics on the web think ” hey there might be grown men looking at this and getting off” not all boy lovers are dangers but there are many who are. it is very sad

      • Having a fantasy and acting upon are 2 vastly differing things. Unfortunately BLs are mostly labeled as those who act. Some in fact may have fantasies, but that is no different than any other individuals having fantasies about whom they have an attraction to.

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