38 thoughts on “Loading… Boys in undies

  1. WOW !!! This would be quite sufficient for a comment on these pictures but when I can’t keep my hands off the keyboard so still “a little” more. gamer Paulo Christian has great photographer, but his models are not bad at all,too, because all the boys would deserve to win the first prize. shock
    The third boy has a huge beautiful face and also all that what is downwards from the face looks absolutely gorgeous. heart hug Close-up of those lovely faces would certainly be a real work of art.
    And the last picture for me is such a “wow” picture. This kind of pictures make me feel very strong feelings … excitement, restlessness, desire, longing, etc. help, but also some kind of love. heart Yet a little more uncover surface out there deep between the legs then this pic would certainly not be here, or at least I think so. drinks smile

  2. Many kids in the world don’t have swim suites. They just take off their pants and jump in.
    It’s usually not a matter of choice. But it is nice to see. Very sexy. heart

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