8 thoughts on “Model boys from a catalog company

  1. Is it just me or does the first boy have a striking similarity to Paul Walker from
    The Fast and The Furious ? I ain’t sayin a clone,carbon copy, or identical twin… just a resemblance…
    Pretty sure 7 & 9 are the same boy, I like him better in #7 and if I am just High, then I like picture 7 best mwahahahah.
    /Me blows rasberries at the other BL’s ( especially if ya make comments about me being high ;-ppppp )

  2. And, Sorry I forgot to say thanx for posting Twinkster, was a awesome post I really like & appreciated it , But I still hafta stick my tongue out at ya… it’s the rule man, it’s not my fawlt, I just gotta do it. /me sticks my tongue out at you and giggles ;-p

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