30 thoughts on “Only for Blonde Fans.

  1. Maxie never dissapoints us blond longers.
    I especially like 1 although he is not very blond but he has very cute face.
    I also like 3 and 4 and of course 10 is very special.
    Thank you Maxie :good:. Its nice to have these beauties keep me worm in these cold days.

  2. They are all wonderful, Maxie! Blond boys always attract attention and these beauties will always be noticed. There are so many favourites but I am going to choose 9. The dog is sweet, but the boy heart is gorgeous! Thank you very much.

  3. awesome post again maxie.
    I really liked the first two pictures but especially liked number 2.
    I think I have commented this before but, I cant remember for sure soooooo….
    Don’t ya think the look on boy #2’s face… he could be expressing to the camera man…. ( a naughtyish/teasin intent ) ” I know what you’re thiiiiiiiiinkiiiiing :-p ”

    The Camera man would have to be one of us, of course, ya know… a BL
    .. oh.. And before I forget…
    /me Blows rasberries at you.
    /Me falls to the floor laughing his head off

  4. Oh, then this is not for me I guess. I like dark haired and brown-eyed boys more than blonds. I don’t, in any case, hate blonds…I like very much also many blonds. Despite the outlook all the boys are just as lovely and lovable boys. Maybe I’m used to seeing here in Scandinavia so much blond boys that it fascinates me rather something a little bit different. All of these boys seem quite lovely even if they seem “a bit of colorless”. boredom drinks good smile

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