Bang Bang – A Story (part 7)

Music played and people sang
Just for you the church bells rang …

01 Bang Bang 9004

Heads were turning and the whispering spread
As you stood in the aisle staring straight ahead
Like Lazarus risen up from the dead …

02 Bang Bang 9002b

03 Bang Bang 9014

I felt like a leper and a traitor too
To everything we once knew was true
You avoided my eye and I knew that you knew
That something in my heart screamed “No!”

04 Bang Bang 9016

05 Bang Bang 9014

Portrait of a boy looking serious

07 Bang Bang 9007

08 Bang Bang 9009

It isn’t the bride that I wanna kiss …

10 Bang Bang 9011

It isn’t your friendship I’m gonna miss.

11 Bang Bang 9018

Thanks for all the nice comments, friends. One more part to go.

~Henry Steven Ifami (Steve)

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