boys from facebook

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Hope you all enjoy.  I love sharing the pics I find of hot boys on facebook.  Some of these boys I know personaly.

13 thoughts on “boys from facebook

  1. True that,but lets keep them “SAFE” See,there is a difference,between,us,as in we looking,at these wonderful looking boys,but there are those who would go beyond that. Ones who would hurt them,or worse,after they do,God knows what to them,they are the Monsters……not us,so,do watch out,when you go out,lets say,shopping,we have the upper hand,we know who looks at them.They deserve to be kids,grow up,have fun,go through school,to grow,and understand,what they are,what they want,to have love affairs,good times,bad times.To graduate,Families of their own,some day.They are our future,let the world be of wonders,and self gradivication. “Did,i spell that right”…???? Anyway,their young bright little angels,lets keep watch,and if you see anyone trying to get to them,or lure them,do what you need to do,to help them,and keep them,”SAFE”. I’m only 19 years old,and you don’t want those young ones scared for life,by some deviant,some sick twisted evil person.I know,because,i was molested as a young boy,i was only 8 years old,and you have know idea,how that messes with your mind,and life,forever,so,always,keep an eye on them,and help.These things really happen,and that,is so much more then just looking at photos of cute boys….we know,we were all young kids once,so,do the right thing,and be a hero,and a watcher,over them.By doing so,you help them,and their parents,so that kids can be happy,and safe,in this crazy world we live in.Take care all. Kindly….Mike. good

  2. Replies welcome. I’m not some creep,pretending. Oh,another thing little guys,don’t give out any personal information,out to anyone,on any site,like your email address,phone number,nothing. Their just waiting for a chance,to lure you in.Be smart,because,I believe all you boys are smart. Peace out,and listen to your Mother and Father,they love you more than anything,in the whole wide world.They would die,for you,to live….remember that,okay. good good good

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