6 thoughts on “Nolan Gould

  1. He was a cute kid in a ugly cute kid sorta way… I joke to mah bro that they didnt expect the show to last long because they didnt take into account how Luke would age into that dopey lookin awkward teenager. /me laughs
    Hey, I aint mean I’m honist
    I’m 1/2 jokin, he aint so bad, am jus bein bitchy… He was a kid kid…. /me says nuthin about the dopey lookin teen he grew into tho mwahahaha

    • I’m not positive, but I don’t think so. His parents are Edwin and Angela Gould, and I couldn’t find anything saying that they are related to Elliott Gould when I did a search. Nolan has an older brother, Aidan, who is also an actor. Nolan is a genius, and is a member of the Menza Society.

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