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      • And South Africa…
        I created a RC school in West Africa (air planes) for radio-command, but I was too a monitor for pilots (real one plane of course)
        Thanks Thomix for these picts who remember my life in Africa…

      • To know exactly where it is, it would be, at least, to see the 1 or the 2 first letters of the registration of the helicopter on these picts. Any flying plane has 1 or 2 first letters for the country, and 3 or 4 others letters for the plane itself, for instance 6V-AFE means that the plane is registrated in Sénégal (West Africa) under the number AFE (it was my main plane to go to Europe). F-GADN, for a plane in France (hired to go to Spain and fly in France) I had no plane for myself (just hired). For military planes, it may be lightly different but the first letter is always the country where the plane is coming from. Technical note for Thomix who likes technic…

        • Guessing Africa from other pics from the series, where it is very evidential. Engelbert and Strauss are common german names but strauss does also mean ostrich, an african bird which does also form their label.

      • Now that you come to mention it…
        I would say some boys look better than the others. The boy in the 3th set is best, but they all look good.
        Much better than my workers (yeah, think we also buy their stuff).

        Publicity as it should be. good

  1. Nice one Thomix.
    Talking from personal experience, Germany has very beautiful boys, at least those families that come to my neck of the woods in the summer.
    This boy has very beautiful smile and i especially like his beautiful hair.
    Thank you for sharing. :good:

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