Swim Time Boys

For some reason, probably my lack of computer skills the first attempt and the second attempt to post these pictures did not work out, so…one more time?

The first 7 boys are at a swim meet where they draw some attention, lucky us. I especially get a kick out of the shot with the little guy getting a friendly spank from his mom. The last three are of handsome young man at the beach. Enjoy.












33 thoughts on “Swim Time Boys

    • I just checked back in and was pleased to find the post had been taken down and put back up with the larger pictures, Cooollll! Thank you Sasacha. Thank you Cbarker for the comment, glad you enjoyed. laugh heart

  1. /me … chooses his words carefully yet still grinning mischievously
    ” awesome pictures, good view angle, cute kids, ”
    ” uhhh ….
    …… had a hard time telling which one was gettin a playful spanking…. #8 ?
    /me … grins
    /me .. counts on his finger … 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, … aaaaaand
    /me … mischievous grins at Beast ;-p

  2. Dear Beast, sometimes, it is impossible to load a pict into your library. Just look at the name of the pict : if there is any accent (circonflex, acute, ? ! ñ ã etc) the pict will not be loaded. Delete all signs and just keep single letters : in englich, there is no accent on letters and some signs are not accepted on computer systems (space before or after a name)
    To be sure that my picts will be loaded, I change the name of the pict, for instance the last picts had name like “BOMD 75 01” (= Boys of my dreams, page 75, first picture)

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