23 thoughts on “The Little Boxer

  1. He is certainly the most beautiful boxer whom I have ever seen. I told two days ago that I do not like so much blonds as the dark haired brown-eyed boys. Well, here he is now, the fulfillment of my dreams. Just the perfect boy for me. I love his long, very dark hair and I love his dark, beautiful eyes. I love his beautiful face and lovely smile. I feel myself almost sick when I think of that someone could strike his beautiful nose, or crush his beautiful face. If someone makes it I hope that he hits very hard back even though I do not like violence.
    Do you know anything more about him. Where he is and who he is. Often, when I look at pictures of the boys I wonder where they are. Now, I thought that could this boy be from Argentina and those pictures could be from Buenos Aires. Thank you very much for these lovely pictures Maxie. smile

    • Don’t worry, John, this boy never striked in boxing anybody, and nobody ever striked him. It’s just for the pict, obviously. I’ll try to find his name, sure I have this boy in my folders…

  2. My dear John47, I’m very glad to present you the little boxer heart , but sadly you know I am a web-rat, and I found him very casually, I have seen some pics of this boy in this blog good drinks hug before, he has some latin-air. He is certainly a beautiful boy, yes can be, from Argentina or Spain. Thank you for your lovely comment. good drinks hug

  3. Thank you greatly Maxie. heart hug One of the things I love about this blog is that every now and then a boy is posted who reminds me of boys I coached, mentored or knew. yes This young boxer looks very much like Eddie who I taught Martial Arts to and who was a real great kid, mischievous, full of life and energy and so much funny to be around. heart inlove Such great memories, muchas gracias mi amigo. heart heart heart hug

  4. With these lot of nice comments, what could I add ? This very nice beautiful boy is made for boxing as I am made to be a red-neck-hunter : that’s to say : impossible ! But the result is so sweet. I have seen this boy in my full big folders and I am sure to be able to find his name, but now, as you know, these folders are not available. Who, here, would like to (try) to box with this boy who is, obviously, a boxer just for the pict.

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