25 thoughts on “More Butt Floss!

  1. guauuu!!!!! fotos históricas que recuerdo con cariño de esa época, ojala pongan mas de ese repertorio de fotos boy, pues yo perdí mis memorias de esas fotos desde los años 2000. gracias por hacerme recordar dash gamer4

  2. First of all I would like to say thanks to Colton for a beautiful post. All of the boys are very very nice.
    Next I would like to say to the moderator: WHAT THE FUCK?
    Three days ago I made a post of model boy Elliot and kept waiting for it to be published and it never was so I wrote to sacsha and ask why it had not been published. His reply was that it was too “HOT” and there was too much “SKIN” showing and it could be harmful to the blog. Excuse me but I have to call BULLSHIT on all counts. You can’t get much “HOTTER” or show much more “SKIN” than there is in this post. Hell, you can see Spencers dick clear enough to tell that he is circumcised. If you would like to see an example of my Elliot post he was the first pic in my Boy Assortment 33 post. All of the pics of him were very much like that pic. 5 were from the front and five were from the rear. He has his suit pulled down low but he is still covered and in the rear shots you can see the top of the crack of his ass.
    I am in no way complaining about Colton or his post, I think it is a very nice post and before any of you start with the same old tired lines about “Why didn’t you write the moderator instead of posting it i the blog” or “The moderator works so hard and does this for free” I did try talking to him about this and we all do this for free and yes most of us try really hard to make post that are interesting and that people enjoy seeing but it is very clear that we are not all held to the same standards or rules and that is very WRONG.
    A few days ago I told Blueyes that I thought he was wrong about the moderator trying to alienate some of the posters that have been posting for a while and I think I need to apologize to him. I think he was right.

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