Handsome Young Lads

The first five are two handsome young lads at the beach. They both look like they would love to be your friend. I am particularly taken with the little guy in blue. Then comes Linus, a really cute 7 year old who would be magnificent if he would smile, is there anyone out there who could get him to? And, finally are two back shots of one of the finest examples of boy bottom the internet has to offer. The little guy is 6 or 7 and there are other shots of him around which show his well endowed front, I know they were on posted here in the past. He is just so wonderful and fuels a real fantasy fire for those of us who enjoy a shapely bottom.double fun nbb9 (2) nbbd7 nbbe9 nbbf linus linus1 linus2 butt max buttg

39 thoughts on “Handsome Young Lads

    • Muchas gracias mi amigo Maxie. heart I am happy you enjoyed. I really like Linus too, there are some wonderful pictures of him out there, but I just can’t find them sorry Take care and i look forward to your next post, they are always so arousing. drinks hug

  1. O wow a super fantastic post. I can’t pick a favorite. I love all of these. The boy couple super dreamy Linus. I have a huge crush on him. And thee Last pics with the prettiest. Tastiest. Looking boy butt ever. Thank you.

    • Thank you Florian. good yes But you made a mistake, there aren’t two AT the bottom, there are two OF the Bottom, and what a bottom. shock To bury one.s face or other things in those full round, curvacious fleshy boy mounds would to to have been transported to another dimension, oh how I do go on. laugh

  2. The fourth pic is in my view, just fantastic. Gorgeous boy quite like also his partner. They have the natural, boyish beauty which fascinates me greatly. I really wanted to be their friend. heart hug
    Smiling boys are my weakness so I also miss the smile of Linus. I believe that I could find his smile, if I only could find Linus from somewhere. The third pic of Linus is absolutely amazing … his body looks quite perfect. I’ve been thinking about what his gaze means. Is it a longing, or embarrassment, or perhaps defiant. But whatever it is so his gaze sinks me very deeply. shock smile
    And the last little butt … I mean boy … or I mean obviously the last little boy’s butt is … WOW!!! wacko smile

    • Well said John. good Your comments about Linus also went through my head. I know that some modeling companies want their models to appear serious and focused, but I much prefer boys like Danny, Sonny, Spencer, Hunter and Killian who look like they are loving showing off their bodies and knowing people are looking at them. drinks

    • Oh my god the fourth pic is fantastic.
      I surrender to it, I kneel in front of him.
      This green speedo is beautiful in it.
      A wonderful boy.

  3. He is a handsome little devil isn’t he? laugh I always had a crush on Kieth Mitchell who looks somewhat like the little guy in blue. so I drift his way. heart Thank you Grant for the comment and continue to enjoy. drinks heart

  4. A lot of the beauty of boys is shown in the expression. Look at the face on the right in #1.
    Love, friendliness, honesty, godliness are all shown there and it is a large part of what draws us.

  5. Green boy is very beautiful.
    I would love to be a great friend of his.
    The upper dentition should be about 8 years.
    very adorable.
    my dream to have him as a friend.

  6. Please! more pics of this noble boy of green swimming trunks.
    I’m in love with this beautiful little thing.
    very splendid.

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