12 thoughts on “Group of boys being curious

  1. What has happened? Has something been lost, is there something extra, whether it’s suddenly grown tremendously or shrunk, or what on earth has going on? Now I wonder whether the matter is already survived or should also I come to investigate the matter. It is funny how one thing can pay all my attention. I see hardly any other things in those pictures than that one thing. If I had been there on the spot so I would certainly stared at the boy’s pants so excited that the pickpocket would have in peace to take all my property, or even to take my clothes off and I had not noticed anything. But despite everything, the last pic’s boy looks also very good like all the other boys. smile

      • Oh yeah, the circumcision is certainly very probable reason and “it” can also be quite painful if the circumcision has been made quite newly. The circumcision didn’t come at all to my mind as it is quite rare here in Finland. The first pubic hair is another very possible reason and it could maybe to visit to my mind. But of course, my “dirty imagination” went again to the flight and on the other hand, I also tried a bit to joke. Thank you Mynblue and try to put up with my “restless writings”. smile

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