39 thoughts on “Introducing of Dakotah :)

  1. All but especially #3 he is so beautiful.
    Although guys should not be called beautiful but rather manly and boyishly cute and all that, but he sure is the real true example of pure natural beauty.
    His perfect long blond hair, amazingly beautiful blue eyes, and a perfectly cute face.
    He was definitely born under a lucky star.
    And his brother in one of the photos very cute as well, makes me wanna drop everything and go hug him right now. :heart:

  2. Wow…to have been a boy like either of these two beauties or to be able to spend quality time on a daily basis with either would be such a blessing. I love the super hero shot! Would love to be their villain!

    And the bare back shot in the orange pjs is great too. I hope these boys and those that care for them know how lucky they are.

  3. Would not they be spanked just to get them to pay attention ? Ha Ha Everyone would spank them just for to get their attention ! And to make sure they got it exclusive, many would spank them daily. Not a nice thing to do. I offer chocolate cover vanilla cream bitty cakes ( bite size ) instead. Looking just as nice after the buttercream icing and the chocolate cake and the vanilla cream inside after my big bite as they do. OH ! They look so similar ! Myummmy smile

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