Playing With Imagination

Imagine each boy is right in front of you now! What will you do?

Lets also just imagine there’s nobody else around…

20th (2)
He sure is’nt getting away…

Where should we drive to?

20th (1)
He’s waiting for someone to pick him up?

20th (6)
Looks like the boat crashed…

20th (8)
You wonder what he is thinking about…

20th (4)

20th (3)

20th (7)

20th (5)

20th (9)

24 thoughts on “Playing With Imagination

  1. I’m with #2 in the car and we pick up #3. We drive to a beautiful and lonely hidden beach. After a long day in the water and beneath the sun we drive to a small village where we have pizza and ice cream.

    • I’m with Thomix. The one innocent non sexual comment here.
      #2 is my favorite too.
      Perfect chin, great beautiful lips, perfect face, perfect everything on this boy.
      He sure will get some action when he’s a bit older. I bet he won’t even have to try at all!
      I’d give anything to be him and to live in his beautiful body just for one day.
      I’d love to spend some time with him, take him for ice cream and stuff, just like Thomix described.

      This boy’s incredible natural beauty i sure can’t forget any time soon. :heart:

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