30 thoughts on “Football is a Health Food for Boys.

  1. A beautiful portrayal of ‘The Beautiful Game’! Thank you, Maxie, for such a varied appreciation of boys and football. I love 1, and 5,7 and 8 really appeal to me, but the two boys in green in picture 4 attract me most. Wonderful! Thank you for another lovely post. good drinks hug joy

  2. Wow. What an incredible super hot post. These boys in there soccer uniforms look so stunningly sexy. And super hot. I can’t pick a favorite. Wow. Thank you.

  3. And football players are Great Food for Me. heart hug Oh boy, oh boys what hams … I mean legs and balls … or something. Now I’m dreaming the whole night from beautiful (hams and…) legs and balls. How tasty hams and small sausages and eggs and … no, no … legs and balls, legs and eggs, legs and eggs and small d … blush wacko drinks smile

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