23 thoughts on “Young and Hot

  1. All of these are so adorably beautiful. I love how soft and silky there skin looks. I can’t pick a favorite. Each pic. Is amazingly. Perfect. Thank you.

  2. Yes, these young hot hotties are very hot and also very sexy. But in my view, they are, above all, a very beautiful, young boys. They have such amazing bodies with natural beauty. And there you can see their beauty all year round in this way, I guess. Here we have part of the year, snow and ice, and if it is really cold, so the boys can appear only on their eyes. Everything else is covered sooner or fewer with clothes. All beauty is wrapped in clothing. Sigh. cry
    Still your bonus boy, smiling eyes, smiling mouth, his whole smiling face and a further addition to his lovely dimples. So lovely boy. In his honor at drinks . smile

    • As always John47 you expressed your thoughts very well. Thank you. People living in the west may hate the winter, but honestly countries in the tropical zone where I live always wishes to have a winter season. When it’s hot here, it’s really that hot that you’ll have trouble falling asleep at night, unless you have an A/C or electric fan on. So it’s a common sight to see boys shirtless outside the streets, to suit themselves during hot weather. smile

      About Bruce as of now he’s got a special spot in my heart, after I saw hes first appearance in a tv drama, you’re right about his smile, it’s probably his biggest asset. smile drinks

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